New normal. How I hated that phrase when I had to face up to the reality of life after head and neck cancer. There’s a lot of truth in it though. We are adaptable creatures and with time we settle into a different life to the one we had before cancer.

A lot of us push our new normal to its limits. Running on a leg that has had the fibula removed to reconstruct the jaw. Sailing and fishing after you have had a laryngectomy when you would drown if you fell overboard. Compensating for eating and speaking disabilities by becoming super fit for your age.  Enjoying the little things in life after recovering from a life threatening disease.

If you look at our new poster you will see people who have had the grimmest treatment but have bounced back to enjoy life as much as possible. Most of these photos were taken after treatment.

Of course these photos are taken at happy times in people’s lives and are shared to give hope to those who are newly diagnosed. Behind every smiling face is an experience of the grief of diagnois, gruelling treatments and great effort to adapt to the new normal.