More information about lymphoedema

The information below is from the American Head and Neck Cancer Society. It has excellent information on lympoedema, a side effect that many find hard to get solutions to.

Lymphedema (Lim-Fi-DEEM-Uh) is a condition marked by swelling of the soft tissues due to accumulation of lymph. Lymph is a substance consisting mostly of water, but also containing proteins, chemicals, and white blood cells. Lymph is normally generated as fluid seeps out of small blood vessels into the soft tissues. It is collected by lymphatic vessels, transported through lymph nodes, and eventually returned to our bloodstream. When this process is interrupted – as in the case of surgery or radiation directed at treating cancer in the lymph nodes – the fluid cannot return to the bloodstream via its normal pathways. As a consequence, it collects in the soft tissues and results in lymphedema. TO READ MORE, CLICK ON THE LINK.