A new domain name! This has been purchased and will be put into use on our website as soon as we can do it.

In the past, domain names which reflected the function of the organisation were useful but now they tell me that it’s the content of the site that attracts viewers rather than the name. Hence www.hncsa.org.nz will in due course become www.hncsa.org.nz. Both names/URLs will be usable as we transition to the new address.

HNCSA is the name of our charitable trust and is much snappier and more memorable for a domain name. There IS a lot in a name!

It was tempting to buy .co.nz but .org is more in line with what we do. We are a non-profit organisation not a company.

In other news, we are pleased with the excellent advice and support members are giving each other in our Facebook forum. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HNCSupport.Aotearoa

You can feel people’s tensions dissolve a little as they join and realise that they are not alone. That others have experience to share and empathy to give. Recent discussions have centred around dry mouth, dental care, mucositis, the PEG, diet and psychological issues. The usual suspects but so important to head and neck cancer patients.