Our October 13 meeting at Domain Lodge has been cancelled. It’s obvious we won’t be in level 1 at that time. However, we have had two Zoom meetings for members of our Facebook group in the weeks since the mid-August lockdown. These have been ad hoc with limited attendance but very pleasant. It is so good to put faces and voices to the names we see on Facebook. We’ve had members from Auckland, Christchurch and Hamilton joining together and we hope we can plan some more structured meetings in future.

We’ve been able to add more dental advice to this website thanks to our contacts with dentists who have an interest in head and neck cancer. Look under Resources and you will see four articles on dental health and dry mouth.

We’ve been lucky to have received plenty of dental samples of Oral 7 dry mouth products for new patients as well as some full scale tubes of gel and bottles of mouthwash at cost price. Thanks to some generous donations we have been able to sustain our gift pack supplies, extending these to Dunedin Hospital already and hopefully Waikato in the near future.

This is an uncertain time in Aotearoa and we don’t know if the current Delta outbreak can be stamped out. So far we are grateful to the head and neck cancer clinics and wards who have continued to see us and treat us during lockdown.