April was a difficult month for HNCSA as we lost one of the founding members of our Facebook group.

Adam Love gave us the idea of an online group to support patients and carers back in 2016 and died on April 14 2022 after a late recurrence. A lovely man, only 52 when he died, Adam is missed by us all.

Our charity is mainly about support, education and raising awareness but the financial side is very important too. We achieved quite a lot in April with more blenders purchased and a firm plan to send patient packs to Waikato Hospital. We are making small steps towards extending our practical support throughout New Zealand.

In early April we also acknowledged the stress medical staff are under during this prolonged Covid outbreak and delivered four cheesecakes to Auckland’s Ward 74.  As one of our members, who is a nurse, said, “Nurses love food.”

With May comes the opportunity for our board members to meet in person again and for the Auckland team to plan World Head and Neck Cancer Day on 27 July.