My HNC misdiagnosis

January 2017 developed severe hay fever resulting in sore nostrils.
A small lump then developed at end of septum and right nostril. Seen by GP and and prescribed antibiotics. Put on 2 further doses of antibiotics during February.
Feb 15th taken by ambulance to Palmerston North Hospital Emergency Dept. Seen by nurse with talk of changing my antibiotics, lancing my “boil” and having an ENT Specialist called down. ECG, blood and urine tests done.
Sent home later that day with nothing being done other than seeing the nurse.
Feb 24th saw a Locum as arranged by my GP who was to start me on IV antibiotics. She took one look at me and refused, instead telling me it was cancer and immediately referring me to ENT. GP had each time said she was concerned it was cancer but no referral was made.
Feb 27th biopsy taken by ENT with the result: Stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma.
Everything happened very quickly from that point. Photo was taken on 15th Feb 2017 but was much bigger by the time I had biopsy