Welcome to 2023. We have had our usual long Christmas/New Year break, something needed desperately by staff but hard for patients who had just been diagnosed.

Members going through chemo and radiation continued treatment over the holidays though.  Surgical patients are now being booked in for scans and ops. And HNCSA is about to swing into action.

Watch this space for announcements of meetings both in person and Zoom. Domain Lodge seems to be closed for meetings because of the ongoing Covid numbers but we have a few alternatives like the Cricket Pavillion at Cornwall Park, the Wintergarden Cafe and possibly the Medical School at Grafton if we can find a sponsor.

Topics in our Facebook forum have been mostly focused on questions from new members, often about how long a patient has to take off work for either chemoradiation or surgery. It’s hard to predict and only other patients can give a range of timeframes.

Finally, this has been a terrible summer weather wise, preceded by a wet November and December. It made the occasional sunny day a rarity and a joy.