These are our charitable aims snipped from our Charitable Trust Deed written with us and for us by Russell McVeagh, Wellington. We are looking forward to fulfilling them although Covid seems to get us every time.

Aim (b) was all set to be fired into action on 26 August in Domain Lodge but Level 3 has put paid to that. We’ll postpone it until we are in Level 1 again and will meanwhile offer a meeting on Zoom. On the same day we were going to have a full board meeting at Domain Lodge with all our officers from Whangarei, Auckland and Cambridge but alas, that is not to be either. It was going to be a workshop to look at fundraising, sponsorship and Aim (d)!

Zoom is a useful alternative. Zoom is not so good for sharing ideas, brainstorming , coming up with plans and group bonding. It’s a distant second best.

In due course we want to organise regular two monthly meetings at Domain Lodge for our Facebook members and other head and neck cancer patients in Auckland. We look forward to this once we’re back to level 1.

Aim (c) is to provide information from reliable sources. We have been well served by our international contacts during the WHNCD period. See here for a series of videos by Australian broadcaster Julie McCrossin and three Sydney hospitals. I’ve tried to summarise one I found particularly interesting here. There are still questions I’d like to ask.

Later this year Chris Curtis of the Swallows Charity will run his international conference online.

Cancer treatment during Level 2 and 3

See the reassuring advice by the Cancer Control Agency. Don’t delay seeing your doctor because of Covid restrictions!

We wish Aucklanders experiencing the Level 3 lockdown all the best and hope the rest of the country is sitting comfortably at Level 2. Best wishes to all those affected by Covid 19: patients, families and staff.