Just a quick update on HNCSA’s latest developments.  Toni Davis is now leading as Chair of our charitable trust, with new faces Peter, Ian, and Karen joining the board recently.

Although we’re still ironing out the details, you can find our updated team info on the website soon.

Congratulations to Toni for stepping into this role!

We’re also expanding our social media presence. Apart from our private Facebook group (now at 740 members) and public page, we’re now on X, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Check us out:

X:  @hncsa1

Instagram:  @hncaotearoa

Linkedin:  Head & Neck Cancer Support Aotearoa

On another note, our community is discussing feeding tubes on Facebook. Some confusion arises between PEG and RIG, so we’re clarifying the differences to help patients navigate better. Remember, while our forum is a great place for shared experiences, it’s always wise to consult a healthcare professional for individual concerns.

Thanks for being part of our journey as we continue to support those affected by head and neck cancer.