Meetings are on our mind as the year draws on and the orange Covid setting keeps us out of Domain Lodge – at least until the winter is over. We totally understand why a cancer hostel has to adhere to strict Covid protocols but we miss our old home. Board members are looking at alternatives in Grafton so that we can stay near Auckland Hospital medical staff and persuade them to come and talk to us.

It’s good to hear that one of the speech language therapists from ORL is setting up a laryngectomy support group which will meet at Cornwall Park. We want to stick to Grafton and intersperse face-to-face meetings with Zoom events. We started this with a very informal Zoom meeting for Facebook Group members last night. In future we will advertise more formal Zoom meetings on this page.

We want to thank all the people who donated to our cause on WHNCD and purchased our cards and other goods. We were grateful to raise over $1000. 

And we want to send our thoughts to our health professionals who are doing it tough as hospitals struggle to maintain their staffing levels. Stay with us! 

And finally a reminder that we have a YouTube Channel. There is a link at the bottom of our home page and here.