I hope you have all stayed safe in the Auckland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle. 

Please remember the Domain Lodge meeting on March 1 at 10.30 and Round the Bays on March 5. It’s not too late to join and choose our charity from the list. You don’t need to join our team to run for us – just choose us as a charity. 

Young Tongues

I want to recommend another head and neck support group which is relatively new on the scene and is targeted at a younger group of patients who have developed tongue cancer in spite of no risk factor. This is a recent and mysterious phenomenon in the head and neck cancer field.

The group is called Young Tongues, is geared to mostly women up to the age of 50 and has an excellent social media presence with well designed visual posts containing recipes and how to cope with treatments and side effects. https://www.youngtonguesglobal.com/

I suggest follwing them on Facebook or  Twitter or if you are a young person with tongue cancer, see if you can joing their support group.

We love having EVERYONE on our Facebook group of course or at our meetings but sometimes I feel sorry for younger people when most of us are middle aged or older.

Let’s hope Aotearoa gets a better deal from the weather gods as we move into autumn.