March Madness is well and truly upon us with a worrying lack of parking at Auckland City Hospital. Even the buses are not as reliable as they were before Covid!

But we have pressed on with three of our friends running for us Round the Bays. Actual head and neckers had to pull out at an alarming rate: road damage cut one of us off, two of us had recent surgeries and one an injured foot.the survivors were three family members who wore the t-short and flew the flag.

We raised a significant amount of money from this event and will hold a catch-up event over winter to honour our donors.

Meanwhile, in Australia, the charity called Head and Neck Cancer Australia, spoke to a parliamentary committee and shone a light on the trials and tribulation of head and neck cancer patients. They videoed it and the resulting video on YouTube is polished, interesting, moving and got the message across powerfully. The loss of quality of life for many HNC patients is heartbreaking on anyone’s terms. It resonated with me as a New Zealand patient.

I’ve provided a link here. It is a must see.