HPV-related head and neck cancer of the pharynx

This is usually in the base of tongue, tonsil and throat (or nasopharynx, oropharynx  or hypopharynx). More curable than non HPV related head and neck cancer it is on the rise and is caused by the human papillomavirus which most of us acquire and shrug off in our younger days but which can turn into an oropharyngeal cancer in the unlucky few. It is usually treated with chemotherapy and radiation.

Here is a printable resource from Beyond Five about oropharyngeal cancer (most common) which is caused by HPV, smoking and alcohol but in recent years has HPV as its main cause. (Cancers can appear in people with no risk factors too.)

A printable resource from Beyond Five:


Another Beyond Five resource on HPV


A Q & A about HPV-related head and neck cancer from the Mayo Clinic

From the John Hopkins University website:


It’s really important to get preteens vaccinated for HPV. New Zealand has had a free programme for boys and girls since 2017.