Implant process as an HNC patient

I wasn’t given a detailed plan and there is very little to nothing on the internet. Each patient is different but there are some common factors. The process below is when a bridge or denture is screwed onto four implants spaces across the jaw. 

Step 1: Insertion of implants  Implants screwed into the jawbone: metal screws that come up to gum level and have little tops on them, often buried under the gum. This is usually done by a maxillo-facial surgeon and a prosthodontist. It can be done under sedation.

Step 2: Uncovering of implants and addition of healing abutments  After 5 – 6 months the implants should have integrated themselves into the bone – this is called osteointegration. The gum is sliced open, tops of the implants unscrewed and abutments or caps that rise above the gum were screwed on.  This is done under local anesthetic. 

Step 3: Impression-making with dental copings After 2 – 6 weeks of healing, the abutments are unscrewed and metal posts that rise to or above normal tooth level were screwed in – called dental “copings”. An impression was made with these posts showing the location of the implants. . 

Step 4:  Waxy baseplate/waxy model September 2022 A waxy base plate for the bottom jaw is made.

Step 5: Bridge screwed onto the implants