I hope everyone is braced for the Omicron outbreak. Let’s hope our low level of Delta, preparations made by the hospitals and sheer good luck will see minimum impact on New Zealand. Lots of aroha to those of you working in healthcare and essential services. 

Our charity has had a burst of activity despite the above. We’ve ordered a bulk supply of goods for our patient packs plus 11 fans for Auckland’s Ward 74, one a sophisticated model for patients who are very uncomfortable. Our chief purchaser has formed a working relationship with a key supplier and we hope to get good prices for fans and notebooks. We have a dream of supplying one suitable recliner chair to Ward 74. We are aware that some patients need extra comfort as they recover from the huge operations head and neck patients can experience. Travel assistance (taxis, petrol) is something we have started in a small way and is something we need to discuss as a board. Please let us know if you have ideas for our charity. 

While we can spend the money we gained last year thanks to people’s kind donations, mainly to Givealittle, we also need to plan for fundraising in 2022. All ideas gratefully accepted. You can donate via the Givealittle button on the website home page or straight to the bank account under “About Us”. 

Our patient forum continues to bring comfort, information and encouragement to patients and families. Yes, it is on Facebook, but honestly, that is the only way we can make a patient forum work these days. Here is the link and meanwhile we send out good wishes to all staff, patients and families in the head and neck cancer community.