July 27 is World Head and Neck Cancer Day. At the time of writing a stall on Level 5 of Auckland City Hospital is planned but with rising Covid cases we’ll have to confirm nearer the time. This stall will be run by one of our ORL clinical nurse specialists but our team will be there to help out. It will be from 9 am to 1 pm and all are welcome.

As well as the stall, we are reaching out across the internet on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to promote early detection and prevention of HNC. With a bit of luck we will have persuaded the media to share information about this day too. It is alarming to think that HPV vaccinations took a dive last year like most childhood vaccinations because of the Covid crisis. School life was disrupted and a certain vaccine scepticism and hesitancy has developed. Covid has a lot to answer for.

We have a lot of resources for HNC information which we will bring out this month

I’ve included a link to a 2018 Swallows patient book which contains a multitude of patient stories mainly from Australia but also some from New Zealand. The Swallows is a huge UK HNC charity. They have sponsored patient books in the UK and Australia.