The big news this month is that we have finally signed off on our pilot scheme to provide Pinc and Steel rehab to ten patients providing them two one on one sessions with a Pinc and Steel physio and free physio classes after that. As explained before, this is a pilot and if it is as successful as we expect it to be, we’ll extend it to other centres other than Auckland as funding permits.

If you can spare a dollar or two. please donate to my Dry July campaign. The money I raise will go to Pinc and Steel practitioners throughout the country who provide physio for head and neck cancer patients. And remember, phsyio can help the mind, not just the body for stressed cancer patients.

Exercise scientist, Haana van Waart is joining our group to help with her research into prehabilitation for cancer patients. “We are currently looking at the period between diagnosis and surgery, dubbed prehabilitation, to improve overall functioning to better withstand upcoming treatments.”

Other good news: we have three new volunteers: Fi, Catherine and Mandy who come from Hamilton and Waimati in the South Island. Helping with Facebook support, helping to fundraise, being part of the Cancer Society’s setup of a head and neck cancer support group in Hamilton are what they can help us with. 

And finally, we had our June 7 Domain Lodge meeting last week – two nurses, five patients – a select group. We hope to have more at the July 5 meeting at 10.30 Domain Lodge, Boyle Crescent.