March Madness is here. It’s hard to find a park anywhere near Auckland City Hospital. Buses are less reliable now because of the driver shortage. On top of that, maintenance work on the railway system is causing buses to replace trains.

I always allow a big buffer when I come into town for an appointment.

On March 5 we had the Round the Bays event. Our team was reduced to three after injuries, surgeries and flood-damaged roads saw five of our team members pull out.

We are definitely having a catch up run/walk further down the track to honour our donors.

March 8 saw the Australian charity, Head and Neck Cancer Australia, hold a parliamentary breakfast in Canberra to shine a light on the challenges faced by head and neck cancer survivors. The event was filmed and the video is polished and powerful, making some excellent points which will resonate with New Zealand patients and whanau.

We wish you well for the remainder of March.  Enjoy the fine autumn days.