HNCSA has its new board up and running. Toni, Karen, Ian, Nicky, Peter and Sue now comprise the trust board with Tammy, Maureen and Mary joining the volunteers, Susan and Catherine. 

The board had its first meeting face to face in Auckland City at the end of April and is starting to plan a campaign for World Head and Neck Cancer Day on July 27. This is about advocating for the HPV vac and raising awareness of head and neck cancer and its warning signs. 

Our charity needs promoting too.

The problem of trismus has come up in our Facebook group. There are patients who have worked hard to increase their mouth opening using tongue depressors or Therabites and those who struggle with trismus long after their surgery or radiotherapy. 

I’d like to put some comprehensive information on our website soon and as always approach it from the medical point of view as well as via the patient experience. 

The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in Sydney seems to have come up with a cheaper alternative to the Therabite that is doing well in clinical trials. It’s called a Restorabite.