Wintergarden Meeting

A big news month for us! We had our first in person meeting for two years yesterday at the Wintergarden Cafe in the Domain. We must have had over 22 people attending including three staff members, our Chair , Tammy who drove down from Whangarei and a few people we had met only on Facebook beforehand.  Below is a photo of four oldtimers from 2014: Tammy, Mac, Judy and Maureen. We were there when the ORL support group transitioned into a patient-led group and then to Facebook and then to a charitable organisation.

The meeting was very social and heartwarming and plans are afoot to hold the next one in February.



Upcoming Zoom meeting

On 23rd November at 7 pm we are holding a Zoom meeting with a physiotherapist in attendance to answer our questions about lymphoedema, trismus and shoulder function .

Meeting ID: 886 7527 6131
Passcode: 528753

Facebook Forum

Topics discussed this month include weight management, nutrition, non-funding of Keytruda and a new feature: Music Tuesday. What are the songs that get you through?

An Australian member also shared this ad from Head and Neck Cancer Australia. A very powerful plea for more support for HNC patients.


As the above video shows, head and neck cancer patients are often cut up and stitched together. That’s why we are selling 25 copies of this beautiful robot calendar for $30 each. You can look up the artist here:

This is a mockup of the calendar. The found objects that Martin Hospool has put together into retro robots have  a hint of steampunk about them. He has given personaility to old radios and Elastoplast containers. (My favourite is May).

If you would like to purchase a calendar, please email me at


All the best until next time.