Mucositis is one of the topics coming up in our Facebook Support Group. What are the things that help other than strong pain relief?  Do products like Caphasol and Healios help and are they available in New Zealand?

We see so many people embark on this painful radiation journey and support them the best we can. Most emerge a couple weeks out of treatment like butterflies coming out of a chrysalis. It’s a slightly wounded butterfly for a while though, its wings a bit ragged because of long term side effects.

We are looking forward to getting an update on radiotherapy from oncologist Andrew Macann on 5 December at 10.30 in Domain Lodge.

The Trust Board is expanding and evaluating the roles of the original members. We are still committed to our five main aims: giving support, raising awareness, organising meetings, raising money and publishing reliable information.

We have lost two of our fabulous donors this year and soon we are starting a concentrated campign on our social media. Meanwhile you are welcome to go to our Home page and click on the Givealittle button in the middle of the page. Every five dollar donation adds to our cause. 

A big reminder too that HNCSA is on the list of charities for Round the Bays in 2024. 

What is in the cancer news this month? Below is a link to an RNZ piece on the viruses that cause some cancers, including the HPV virus.

Nga mihi