Talking to head and neck cancer peers

Communicating with those who undertand what you are going through is very comforting. Whatever type of HNC you have, there will be someone in our 550 strong Facebook group who will have experienced the same thing. Join us on facebook.

Treatments for head and neck cancer

How do you cope with the gruelling treatments? We undergo day-long surgery and/or 6-7 weeks of (chemo)radiation. Our  bimonthly meetings at Domain Lodge in Auckland, opposite the hospital,  are ideal for people having treatment in Auckland if they are up to it. We hope to facilitate meetings elsewhere in the country in due course.


Eating after head and neck cancer

This is a big issue for those enduring chemoradiation or after life changing surgery. We discuss this often, share recipes and supply links to recipe books. We have a fundraising project underway to provide blenders to those who are struggling.


The mental health aspect of head and neck cancer

Many of us have experienced the anxiety and depression that can be associated with this sometimes disfiguring and disabling cancer.

We are also experts in “scanxiety” – the fear we feel during the interval between test and result.

We share the good things too: the beauty of nature and the things that help us cope. 


Carers of head and neck cancer patients

The friends and whanau of head and neck cancer patients make up a good ratio of members of our Facebook group and Auckland meetings. Getting HNC affects the whole family and especially the spouse. Many carers become a part of our family and support us all.


You are not alone

This is the main purpose of charities and support groups such as ours. Getting a cancer in an area of the body that is so integral to our daily functioning is a harsh event and it’s good to know there are people out there who can understand and support, give tips and tricks and practical advice.