Three head and neck cancer survivors. Thanks to “Hibiscus Coast Matters” for the photograph. 

 Tidying up my computer, I noticed two media stories about our members. Published in the last two years they seem particularly poignant when re-read after a gap. There is such a mix of emotions when patients tell their stories: sadness and relief, regrets and gratitude, all mixed up with an altruistic desire to prevent this cancer happening to other people.

A couple of years ago, my local paper wrote a very good story on two of my local head and neck cancer friends and me. The writer managed to alert the reader to the warning signs and to the need for the HPV vaccine to wipe out a whole tranche of these cancers.

More recently, one of our members sent her story to after Eddie van Halen died of head and neck cancer. When a celebrity dies of HNC we all sympathise because we know what a leveler a serious cancer can be.