A rough poll on our Facebook group indicated that eating difficulties loom large for HNC survivors. How many people would have completed this poll? 40? Maybe more and Dr Fauci wouldn’t like it,  calling it anecdote not evidence but it’s a snapshot, skewed somewhat by the questions asked. 
It does justify one of our charity projects which is to supply blenders to patients who need them. This is a work in progress. 

I think most of us like our stories told; like to raise awareness. New to Netflix is a series called New Amsterdam in which the main character is a 40ish male with an advanced throat cancer. It’s based on a true story but of course, as it’s set in New York and it’s a bit glam, the mask gets made as quick as a wink by the actual oncologist. One interesting thing is is the extraction of teeth in the field of radiation which the fictional oncologist refers to as a “quadruple molar extraction”.