“I knew I had to keep trying”

In  November  2016 I had just finished seven weeks of chemo-radiotherapy for HPV oropharyngeal cancer following tonsillectomy. The treatment was brutal. I felt terrible and completely weak and wiped-out, on morphine, could barely swallow but I knew I had to keep trying and keep smiling. I’d lost a lot of weight and a PEG tube was being offered, which I didn’t want.  Recovery was a slow upward trajectory but after two years I was re-energised back to my pre-treatment level and eating lots of different easy soft food.

November 2023 and life is good. I can eat most (but not all) food. My recovery has not been without a few dramas (some new primaries popping up on my tongue) but I try not to dwell on my journey or allow it to make me a paranoid hypochondriac or take away my normal happy and positive outlook on life.  I am however, ever vigilant on dental hygiene and do not hesitate to tell my GP or ENT team if I notice anything untoward in my mouth, throat or neck region.

I hope this gives all our fellow members that are either part way through, entering or just recently finished their treatment journey courage and hope.

Those of us who have gone before you, know what you are going through, and are here for you, to support you and cheer you on and answer any questions you might have.