Our charitable trust board has grown by two, giving us seven board members and an advisory member. We’d like to welcome Sue Ray and Mary Pringle on board.

Sue and Mary are to the left of the picture with fellow board members Nicky and Tammy. We managed to meet up with Tammy who lives in Whangarei at the Chocolate Brown café in Warkworth. This was so we could have a short board meeting followed by a trip to the bank to add two more signatories.

Kudos to Westpac Warkworth who fitted us in and dealt with us efficiently. There’s a lot of paper work in running a trust and it’s great when things run smoothly. We had great good fortune to obtain a pro bono lawyer from Russell McVeigh in Wellington in 2019 but had to wrestle with the new anti-money-laundering law and all the identification that takes. Then it was a struggle getting a bank account during Covid last year.

Some of our Auckland members are sailing enthusiasts so we took a photo by the Jane Gifford: Sue, myself and Nicky. We didn’t get on board, but still …