The website is ready for the world now. Thanks to help from members we have been able to create a site for the small cost of the hosting: WordPress on Bluehost.

It hasn’t been an easy process but now we have a base from which to improve. We want to add more and more helpful material for head and neckers.

It would be gratifying to have feedback from visitors to the site and eventually some sort of forum for those who are not on Facebook.

As far as our charitable trust goes, we are all ready to operate as a charity as soon as Westpac gives us a bank account number. This has been held up because the bank has required different compliance procedures from the Companies Office and the Charities Services.

Since the expansion of the Anti Money Laundering Law in 2018, setting up a charity and gaining a bank account for a charitable trust has been very difficult. Even JPs are sometimes not aware of the wording required to idenify a person according to their drivers licence or passport.

We wanted everything to be ready for World Head and Neck Cancer Day on July 27 but that is not likely now. You will be the first to know because we will put a donate button on the site.