Symnol of growth and new beginnings

The photo of the ponga with it’s multiple unfurling fronds is to show that we will have many new beginnings in 2021. We want the year to unfold with hopeful growth and new directions.

Our charity will hold its first all day planning meeting in early February. How can we use our fundraising to help patients and families in small practical ways?

We are instituting regular Domain Lodge meetings every two months starting on 10 February and continuing ever second month thereafter: April, June, August, October and December. See below.

We don’t have the personnel to run meetings in other cities and some areas already have hospital-run or Cancer Society-organised meetings but there is the long term wish to hold at least one informal get-together in Hamilton in 2021. Plant a seed!

2020 has been a hard year. While there is great pride in New Zealand’s Covid-free status, we know we are only a border breach away from another outbreak. We are aghast at the suffering in other countries where we have friends and family.

The best thing to unfold in 2021 would be a magnificent vaccine rollout so that people from all over the world really could “meet again some sunny day”.