Covid wrecked in-person World Head and Neck Cancer Day events last year. We tried online but it is not the same. So this year we will be helping the team from Auckland Hospital raise awareness of HNC.

We’ll have a table and pull-up posters for HNC with a Smokefree stall nearby and an area for our Atos rep Cara, who looks after people who have had laryngectomies.

Anyone who wants to come and help or just be with us is welcome. Time is not certain yet but a few hours in the morning is the usual procedure. We hand out HPV vaccination leaflets or just talk to each other and the passers-by. For such a dire cancer, it is a surprisingly cheerful event.

The aim of the awareness day is to inform the public about warning signs, the need for the HPV vaccination and about the existence of head and neck cancer which is one of the lesser known forms of the disease.

Meanwhile, our Facebook group continues to provide comfort and non-medical advice. It also gives us an insight into the patient experience. Below is a rough answer to the question, What do we value in our HNC team?