Auckland is at Covid Level 2.5 which means no gatherings of over 10. Sadly, we can’t hold one of our face to face meetings at Domain Lodge until further notice.

Let’s look at online group support though. While not as fulfilling as in person support, it’s there 24/7, there’s a much bigger range of shared experience and we can support people right across the country and beyond.

That’s why we encourage people to join our private Facebook group. We know Facebook has its problems but a FB group is the easiest, the most immediate, and most seamless way to provide peer support online. We would be happy to add any other means of online support that people are able to facilitate like What’s App or a website forum for example. Zoom is always an option too, but people are a little Zoomed out at the moment after two lockdowns.

Our Facebook group is different from many others because we allow non-head and neck cancer topics to be discussed in order to build up the sense of community that head and neck cancer patients and carers often need. It is a mix of serious discussion of medical issues and the associated worries and more lighthearted, friendly topics.

We are not all in New Zealand. We have people from all over the world but the head and neck cancer experience is universal. Health care systems might differ but the patient experience of surgery and chemoradiation is the same. 

We are always very happy to have people email us or ring us if they need peer support but are not on Facebook.