World Head and Neck Cancer Day - 27 July 2024

World Head and Neck Cancer Day (WHNCD) is observed annually on July 27th. It was established to raise awareness of head and neck cancers, which include cancers of the mouth, throat, larynx, and other areas in the head and neck region.

The purpose of this day is to:

  1. Increase public awareness about head and neck cancers
  2. Educate people about risk factors, symptoms, and prevention strategies
  3. Promote early detection and screening
  4. Support patients and survivors
  5. Encourage research and funding for better treatments

This day serves as an opportunity for healthcare professionals, patients, survivors, and the general public to come together and focus attention on this group of cancers, which can have significant impacts on a person’s quality of life.

The International Federation of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies (IFHNOS) initiated World Head and Neck Cancer Day.

It was announced during the opening ceremony of the combined meeting of the International Federation of Head Neck Oncology Society (IFHNOS) 5th world congress and American Head Neck Society (AHNS) on 27th July 2014 in New York

HNCSA’s message for WHNCD

A lot of people have never heard of head and neck cancer. While terms like tongue cancer, throat cancer, and oral cancer are more common, they all fall under the umbrella of head and neck cancer. These cancers usually start in the squamous cells lining the mouth, throat, or nose and can sometimes be skin cancers that spread to these areas.

We want to raise awareness about the warning signs and the impact of head and neck cancer. Early detection is key. Preventive measures like quitting smoking, drinking alcohol in moderation, and getting the HPV vaccination can significantly reduce the risk.

Head and neck cancer affects critical functions like appearance, speech, and eating. Though medical advances can cure it if caught early, treatments can be tough, involving long surgeries and intense radiotherapy requiring the use of a restrictive plastic mask.

Head and Neck Cancer Support Aotearoa (HNCSA) provides support to patients and their families through our private Facebook group with nearly 800 members. We offer information on our website and financial aid when possible.


Donate to help our work

We are grateful for donations to help our work. We provide patient packs, dental products, travel assistance, and blenders, as well as advice, help and support via our Facebook group, in person meetings and our website. HNCSA is run by a group of volunteers who are head and neck cancer survivors and support people, here to help others going through this life changing experience.